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International Executive School – France
ပြင်သစ်ပညာရေးဝန်ကြီးဌာန အသိအမှတ်ပြု
Master’s of Business Administration
ပြည်တွင်းရှိ နိုင်ငံတကာ ပညာရေးအတွေ့အကြုံရှိ ပါမောက္ခဆရာမကြီးများ၏ သင်ကြားမှု
PhD – Doctor of Philosophy ဘွဲ့ ဆက်လက်သင်ယူနိုင်ခြင်း …..
SMEBi မြန်မာ 09 427 299 997 / 09 779 999 707
❗Online သင်ကြားမှု| လစဉ်အရစ်ကျ ပေးသွင်းနိုင်ခြင်း| ပြင်သစ်နိုင်ငံ တွင်ဆက်လက်ပညာသင်ကြားခြင်းနှင့် ဘွဲ့ယူနိုင်ခြင်း

Welcome! We are delighted you have taken time to attended SMEBi and IES International Executive School – French Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) Program
As worldwide interdependence and interconnection continue to evolve through continuous trade, operation of companies in multiple countries, and economic impacts, it increases the need for a strong integrated sustainable business environment. The business sector needs talented, innovative, strategic managers and leaders who can guide Myanmar businesses through both prosperous times and under high uncertainty and instability.
At SMEBi & IES, the MBA program is devoted to developing effective leaders, with an entrepreneurial mindset, and collaborative skills necessary for pursuing a managerial career path within the private and public sector. Our curriculum is rigorous and provides the opportunity to learn the business environment while equipping you to analyze the market and meet business challenges in this global society.
The MBA faculty strongly believe our purpose is not only to prepare students with the necessary skills to achieve their career goals, but also to help them become strategic thinkers and leaders who add value to their community locally or globally. We are committed to building the business leaders of tomorrow.
Beginning in December 2020, courses for the Master’s of Business Administration degree are offered in Sunday class. Online MBA student, it can take a minimum of 15 months to complete your degree. We are excited about believe it is enhance the experience for our students.
Please take time to review our program. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us.
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